I have always been told a blog MUST be kept up to date. So having not added anything for a good 8 months or so, here we are again! Early last year I did a shoot with Hannah Grace, an actress that was on a week off from appearing in the tour of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She was great fun to work with, game for anything, (including climbing in to a field of incredibly inquisitive horses) and I really hope to work again with her soon. 


Tim Andrews approached me at the end of 2014, asking if I was interested in contributing to his photographic project ‘Over The Hill’. Of course i was. He was charming, engaging and up for any suggestions. We shot on a freezing cold late January day.

I have decided to start a blog. Oof. It’s been on my mind for a while and time I turned it in to a reality. It’s a daunting prospect, keeping it up to date, writing stuff, actually doing something rather than making another cup of tea - but I have concluded that as long I post at least one photo a week, with a title and sometimes some words, then for now I will be happy …

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