Having a self-confessed hectic mind, an hour or so of peace, concentrating on only what’s going on with his body, is a gift for Tayo.


Farhana is hypermobile, has fibromyalgia and struggles with chronic pain, muscle stiffness, and extreme exhaustion. Her yoga practice allows her to continue Salsa dancing and travel. 


With family roots in Walthamstow spanning six generations, Amanda was born here but fled the nest aged 19 and returned when her daughter was born. Amanda is a Visual Artist and Art Psychotherapist, an inward traveller and external roamer.


Diagnosed with a back condition (ankylosing spondylitis) meant Alan could suffer serious consequences if he didn't work on maintaining joint mobility. Despite the 10 years of yoga practice, the condition means Alan can't become more flexible, so he sticks to beginners classes. 


Mark describes his practice as like "the force" or “ki” , or "Asterix magic potion", or some mystical magical energy source”. 


Jeannie moved to Walthamstow just over a year ago and yoga classes, at East of Eden, were the first local activity that she joined. Having done yoga for many years (with the occasional break) she always returns to it. Jeannie feels that her practice keeps her supple and strong and also improves posture. 


Raffy and Mei


The Reverend Dr Sara Batts is assistant curate at St Edmund's, Chingford.

“We have bodies that I believe are wonderfully made in God's image. I need to look after myself in my life of ministry: I only get the one body to see me through. Yoga helps me be kind to mind and flesh and look for the spark of the image of God.“

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